Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY SIX!

Well, once again it’s time to start wrapping up another month’s nature art challenge! For today’s explorations, I added details and outlines to my crocheted shapes using a thin, dark brown string. Here is the result of today’s explorations:

For the final day of the Nature Crochet Art Challenge, create a border, frame, or support for your canvas. Consider the materials, colors, or patterns that you might use to complement your composition.

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY FIVE!

For today’s challenge, I continued adding the large shapes of color to my canvas. Here is today’s resulting explorations:

Since my design had overlapping leaves, I decided to use two different colors for my leaves. For tomorrow’s challenge, using a thinner yarn, add details to your larger shapes.

As promised yesterday, I would like to share a recycle art collage lesson idea with you.

To prepare your surface:

1. Cover surface with glue. Add newspaper/magazine clippings to create collaged background. Apply glue to cover surface and let dry.

2. Cut shapes/designs out of cardboard and use painter’s tape or wax to temporary attach to dried collage surface.

3. Paint over surface and cardboard stencil. Remove stencil and touch up edges with paint.

4. Once dry, add details using pen.


‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY FOUR!

For today’s challenge, I began crocheting my design into my canvas. I began with crocheting the outline of my branch and then filled it in with color. Since my lines were limited by the width of the yarn that I chose, my branch ended up being a little thicker than I had originally planned. Here are the results of today’s explorations:

And for an added bonus, I’d like to share with you a recycled art piece that I have been working on recently:

“The Journey from Roots to Branches” 2012

This work was created on a magazine collage surface. I’ll post step-by-step instructions tomorrow!

Now, back to the challenge! For tomorrow’s challenge, continue embroidering your main shapes into your canvas. For my design, I will add the large leaf shapes. Don’t worry about adding the details yet. That will be saved for another day!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY THREE

For today’s challenge, I looked over the shots from yesterday’s explorations. After deciding on my subject, I created a simplified sketch for my crochet canvas. Here is my resulting sketch:

For tomorrow’s challenge, begin embroidering the outlines of your design onto your crocheted canvas. If needed, you could use a washable fabric marker to sketch your design onto your canvas. Since my subject is a tree leafy branch, I will start embroidering the outlines of my branch. After I have finished the branch, I will add the leaves and smaller details.

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY ONE!

Today begins the Nature Crochet Art Challenge! For this challenge, I will be exploring the surrounding natural environment through the art of crochet…Specifically, crochet EMBROIDERY.

For today’s challenge, I focused on creating the canvas for my crochet explorations. Choosing a grey/blue yarn, I decided to crochet from the center outwards, creating a square. For purposes of this challenge, I kept my square relatively small 12″ x 12″–though, depending on the time that you have to dedicate to this challenge, you could definitely go smaller than this. Here is my resulting canvas:

For tomorrow’s challenge, take a walk with your camera! Soak in the sites, smells, and overall FEEL of the environment around you. Take a few shots of the beauty that surrounds you. When you return from your walk, brainstorm ideas for your composition. Create rough sketches, or select several pictures to inspire your work. Enjoy experimenting and exploring different options!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

Crochet Chain-Stitch Embroidery

As promised, here is one technique that will be used in this month’s challenge: The Chain Stitch.

For those of you who have never crocheted anything in your life, here is a wonderful website to get you started with the crochet basics.

After you have crocheted your blank “canvas,”using basic crochet stitches, ¬†you will begin the embroidering process!

Sketch your design onto your blank crocheted canvas using a washable fabric pencil. Then, begin following the lines with your chain-stitch.

To begin, insert your hook through the crocheted canvas and pull a yarn loop through.

Then once again insert the hook through the crocheted canvas, grabbing hold of the yarn underneath.

Pull that string through your loop to create your first stitch. Repeat until you are finished with your embroidered line.

The visuals provided in this post are from this excellent website.

Tomorrow, I will be posting more about crocheting your blank canvas. I just realized that I will be going on a camping trip during the first week of June, so will be actually starting June’s Nature Art Challenge next week (May 28-June 3). I realize it will technically still be the month of May, but it will be ENDING in June, so in my book, that is good enough! I’ll be sure to share some of my photography explorations from the camping trip as an added bonus!

With that in mind, ONE DAY until the Crochet Nature Art Challenge begins!!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!